Gregorian Chant

The eloquent expression of Gregorian chant is a musical icon of the Word of God. It conveys holiness and lifts heart, mind, and soul. The Community preserves and strengthens this unique form of sung prayer as a living tradition, chanting the Liturgy of the Hours and the ordinary and proper of the Eucharist. The use of Latin in connection with the chant serves as a unifying language of prayer and also as the optimum vehicle for the texts, which are so closely connected to these time-honored melodies.

Join us November 15-18 for a Gregorian Chant Retreat exploring the melodies of Advent and Christmas with a special focus on “O” Antiphons—some of the richest chants of the whole year. Discover a fresh conversation with God through sung prayer as we await Christ’s birth! For more information visit

The Song of Prayer
The Beloved Son
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