by Faithful Friar

We will always be grateful for the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, who cast our ten change-ringing bells at the Church of the Transfiguration! We count ourselves blessed to have  had our bells so excellently fabricated before the foundry closed, earlier this year. We would like to pay our tribute to Whitechapel Bell Foundry and all those who worked with us from there by sharing a little about the foundry.

Whitechapel was the oldest continually-operating business in the United Kingdom, at least to 1570, but research indicates more likely they were established around 1420 (more than a century before Shakespeare was born)!

Their history spans 27 English monarchs and many Royal visitors including the Queen in 2009 and Prince Charles in 2012.

Bells were needed in communicating basic information to a largely illiterate population to warn of invading armies.

We are grateful for their purpose now in being part of worship!

Some of the bells cast by Whitechapel have included:

Big Ben — the largest cast at Whitechapel, weighing 13 and 1/2 tons, 7’ tall, 9’ wide

The Original Liberty Bell

The changeringing bells at Christ Church in Philadelphia in 1754

The changeringing bells in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1774

Replacements of many bells lost or damaged by fires in bombing raids across London after the war

The “Bell of Hope” — A Tribute Bell following 9/11, as a gift from the people of London to the City of NY. It is rung at 8:46 am each year on the anniversary of the tragedy to commemorate the first attack. It was first hung at Trinity Church and is now at St. Paul’s.

The last bell cast on 3/22/17 was given to the Museum of London

Thank you Whitechapel Bell Foundry!

Enjoy these photos of our bells being cast at Whitechapel!


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