Weeds – No Problem!

There are thirty references in the Bible to weeds. No wonder. Weeding has many valuable life-lessons. It’s not my favorite part of gardening, but for me, it’s the most valuable. I was facing an impossible problem recently (having nothing to do with gardening) with no hope of solving it until I realized my problem was just another weed. I remembered what I do when a weed is too big and tenacious for me. I take out a shovel and try to pry it up. If that doesn’t work, I go around it carefully on all sides and keep loosening, removing dirt until the plant’s roots are exposed. Eventually, it pulls free. I don’t have to be strong; I just have to be persistent. I can handle my impossible problem the same way, and it doesn’t need to defeat me.

I’m not forgetting prayer in this process. That’s the grace that enables me to be persistent with weeds of any kind, whether I want to be or not. And it helps to have a vision. In the garden, it’s the beauty and fruitfulness of the plants. So next time I’m weeding, I’m going to thank God for realizing that weeds (and problems) are a  normal and necessary part of life.

A Garden with Weeds – Community of Jesus

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