Uncomfortable Isn’t Always Bad

Change. I hate it, but I love it. You know how one goes through phases in their life when they feel steady, confident and stable… Well let’s just say I’m not in one of the phases. Most everything I’m doing now is new, and even the activities that are old friends have taken unfamiliar twists. I’m slowly coming to realize though, that feeling uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing. In fact I think it’s great. It keeps me living on the cutting edge and prevents me from falling into complacency or boredom. So if you, like me, feel nervous about new, unfamiliar things — seize and embrace them!   

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About Gold-medal Grad

I’m 18 years old -- the oldest of four girls, and I’ve lived at the Community of Jesus for my whole life. I enjoy music, sewing and design, and cooking. Most of my life up until now has been dedicated towards schooling,(for the last 7 years -- home schooling). With graduation in June, that part of my life has come to an end. I’m in Spirit of America Band, and I play the marimba. Last fall, we traveled to South Africa, working with kids to start bands and learn instruments. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The following winter, we shared that experience in our Winter Percussion performance. The WP season was a blast, and as a bonus, we won the title of gold medalists! As for where I go next with my life…who knows! The possibilities are limitless.

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