True Nuggets of Gold

I recently heard that to see your sin is like finding a nugget of gold because it is there that we begin to learn wisdom. I mentally noted that I needed to remember this, and looked forward to the opportunity to practice looking at sin this way. It sounded so good, but then, a few days later, the reality felt so much more difficult and painful.

Seeing who I am doesn’t need to be difficult or painful if I remember who I am, a sinner, and if I remember who Jesus is, my Savior. It’s my pride that doesn’t let me look at who I am, and keeps me from that nugget of wisdom, the gratitude of knowing that I am saved, and the opportunity for change. 

  Later, I was reading about when Jesus cursed the fig tree four days before His crucifixion. I had never put together the symbolism of God’s cursing the soil because of Adam and Eve’s sin, and Jesus’s cursing the fig tree because He was about to break the power of the curse of sin. I had never thought about it being fig leaves that Adam and Eve had used to sew together to cover themselves, trying to hide their sin from God.

Jesus cursing the fig tree that didn’t bear fruit is of great hope to us because in trying to look good, defending ourselves, hiding, or being ashamed, there is no fruit, only death. The only hope of abundant life is through the cross and the freedom it brings.

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