The Sign of the Cross

by Faithful Finch
During Eucharist, I was crossing myself, and saying the words, “Unite us to your Son in His sacrifice, that we may be acceptable through Him,” and the words and the action of crossing myself seemed to be united, and they were both in slow motion and high volume.
It was one of those times when a stunning reality hit me: If I am uniting myself to Christ in His sacrifice, why am I surprised when I have to sacrifice, or go through times that are difficult? I am literally making a sign of the cross on myself. Why not let the tool of letting things cross me out remove the things that keep me from being close to the Lord? It sounds so easy, but seems so much harder in everyday life. I suppose it is because I forget that if I am uniting myself to Christ in His sacrifice, I also can claim the acceptance that comes from being in Him.
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