The Immensity of His Love

This Lent, as I’ve been asking the Lord to turn my heart more towards Him, these words that our Prioress spoke in regards to sacred arts keep coming to my mind:

  “The sacred arts come from an expression of the soul that has found itself loved. That soul, in answer, longs to return to God the immensity of His love. The creative arts give voice, eyesight, color, wings to that ardent response of the heart.” Mother Betty Pugsley, CJ

I’ve especially pondered the word “found.” Is it a passive or aggressive word?

Am I suddenly surprised by my soul having an overwhelming reality of unexpected, undeserved love from God? Yes! Definitely! Do I sometimes need to aggressively seek for God’s love, patiently waiting?  Do I become impatient, asking questions, looking for hope and answers (sometimes even doubting or getting angry)? Yes! Definitely!

In both cases, when I allow the layers of superficiality to be stripped down to my broken and needy heart, those cracked places that are soft will let light in. Those places can let the Beauty of Jesus heal me, and the response can be none other than ardent love for the one who heals.


Emmanuel Chapel Doors, Church of the Transfiguration – Fr. Kim En Joong

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