The Grape Buds Have Sprouted

My last posting showed you grape vines fastened to the horizontal wires that will support the vines and grapes as they grow. Now the buds on the vines have sprouted and begun their growth toward maturity. Out of each bud comes a complete vine in miniature, with leaves and clusters that are shaped like their final form, but much smaller. The leaves will grow to convert sunlight energy into sugar. The tiny clusters will first grow into blossoms and then into grapes, which will store the sugar. The additional weight of the grapes will turn the clusters down rather than being upright, as seen in this picture. How marvelous is God’s creation.  Can you imagine designing something like a grape vine?




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I moved to the Community of Jesus in 1977 with my wife and three middle-school children. Now I am 72 and my children are middle aged. I am grateful for my two grandchildren living next door. My PhD in physics led to a career in aviation safety that continues to the present, although at a reduced level of involvement. Surrounded by computers in my home office, I am also part of the team that supports the Community's computer network. I enjoy gardening, both in my yard and in the Community's vineyard. I love to see God's hand in everything around me. I teach high school chemistry for home school and am continually astounded at what God has created from less than 100 elements--the chemist's view (and only three elementary particles--the physicist's view). Although I am slowing down physically, I find God continually providing me with new challenges.

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