The Feast of the Holy Epiphany – January 6th

Epiphany is a Greek word meaning phenomenon, appearance, making clear, or the dawning of an unexpected light. Today we celebrate the visit of the Magi, three wise men from the East. We call them wise because they recognized that a star led to an Infant King, one worthier than any earthly monarch. By instinct and a dream, they refuted a dark ruler of evil design and protected the new born and His family.  They brought gifts, valuable and symbolic:  gold to honor His Kingship, frankincense as a sign that He is God, and myrrh foreshadowing His death and Resurrection as Savior of the world.  We add them to our crèche, opulent in dress and royal in manner, somehow at home in the lowly manger with shepherds and sheep, and a child asleep on a bed of hay.  Epiphany – a day when God opened his arms to all mankind and graciously invited us to belong to Him.