The Alleluia for the Feast of Christ the King

by Sister Fidelis

This past Sunday was the celebration of Christ the King, and for this next week we will be singing the Alleluia from Trinity Sunday. It is interesting to look at this piece as we come up to Advent. The text is a paraphrase taken from the three young men in the fiery furnace, and is full of praise: Blessed art thou, Lord God of our fathers, and to be praised for ever. 

Looking at the music we see a melody rippling with joy. There are numerous repetitions of pitch and repeated 2- and 3-note patterns that give this bubbly feeling. Then at the start of each phrase we see a triumphant leap up – a fourth or fifth – sounding like a trumpet call. This is a little musical motive that we often see at special feasts through the year – Christmas, Palm Sunday, Pentecost. The Alleluia is fairly short but full of exuberance, and it gives us a vehicle through which to lift up our eyes and praise.

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