Late Have I Loved You

How refreshing to meet a contemporary work of art which does not shrink from real encounter with meaning. Sr. Faith’s new painting, “Unshakable”, is an elegant invitation to contemplate large themes like stability, call, and transfiguration. The artist generously supplies us with title, text (Ephesians 2:19-22), and context (the 12th anniversary of the church’s dedication), setting our feet firmly on the road to experience the inexpressible.

Not more than two feet tall, this painting’s forms are strong horizontals and verticals — recalling building materials and evoking stability and permanence. The space it describes is luminous, not illusory. A shift in color suggests an altitude as well as a depth from which its foundation rises and into which its roots are sunk. “Unshakable” is a meditation on the artist’s personal relationship with a building and all that building stands for. The artist’s work, all the levels of that process, offer me the opportunity to go somewhere I do not always have the words for.