Terrifying and Fascinating

So, we were reading Ibsen’s play “The Lady from the Sea” last night in preparation for Elements’ study trip to Chicago in August. Towards the end of the play, one of the characters defines the word terrifying as “something that is frightening – and fascinating at the same time”, and I found myself today with that phrase rolling around in my mind. I started a new job a week ago – actually it’s something I have been involved in, off and on since High School, but this time feels different. I think that’s what was catching me – it’s “frightening and fascinating” – embarking on something new in life…  Amazing how we humans can feel so many emotions at the same time.  And when you think about it, they actually both feel rather the same – that butterflies in your stomach – roller coaster drop feeling –  that makes you want to gasp for air and laugh with glee at the same time.  Well…..here goes…..!