Angel Unawares

I was in Texas last week preparing for Gloriae Dei Cantores’ tour to Texas and Oklahoma in October.  I was nervous about the responsibility, and all that I had to get done. Our first morning there we sat at breakfast watching the shooting in Aurora unfold on TV.  A quiet voice behind us said “you know, when people do that kind of thing there’s always something going on inside them.”  I turned to see our waitress, a beautiful woman from Africa named Harriet,  with a smile that literally glowed warmth.  She had our attention, and she began to share her philosophy with us — she’s not worried about what she has or doesn’t have, it’s about what she’s doing for “the Kingdom.”   “If I can touch a life, that’s all that matters.”   
We carry that vision as a choir — if only one person comes and sees God through our music, that’s what matters.  Harriet wondered aloud if God feels sad when we chase the things we think we have to have, when all the while he’s saying “I’m right here — look to me — I have everything you need.”  I find it hard to describe what that breakfast encounter meant to me, but I can tell you this — in my small little bundle of fear, in a little hotel cafe in Texas, wondering if I could pull it off — God found me. Walked right up to me and said, “look at me — I got this.”  As we left, she shot us another jolt of love, “God Bless you, and the work you’re doing for the Kingdom.” God Bless you too Harriet – from one life you touched.