What’s Hidden Behind Such Beauty?

This week, one of the bulbs in the lighting system for the apse was out, so I had to get a ladder and swap out the dead bulb.   Above the Jerusalem stone and hidden to the eye while standing on the ground is a set of track lighting  which gives light to the apse mosaic above. Also hidden in this void are other unseen and rather plain items, such as: metal lath and metal fasteners, lots of concrete, screws, wires, shims, track for the lighting, and light fixtures. What I also “see”, are lots of hard work, sweat, faith and sacrifice that may never be seen on the outside.  But it can’t be discounted.  It provides strength to what is seen, and allows the beauty that comes through to be possible.

4th of July

Spirit of America Band marched in two parades – the first one in Bristol, RI where vets from all wars back to Korea were marching in uniform. How can we thank them for their sacrifice?  Marching and playing with all our hearts for three hours in baking heat, thanking God for the wonderful country he has given us — the land of the free and the brave.