It’s a “Golding Diamond Day”

Today is a “Golding Diamond Day”!  I haven’t thought of that phrase for years.  One of our founders, M. Cay Andersen, would use it to describe just such a day!  The air is crystal, birds are riotous with song, and every plant, tree and flower is bursting with intense color.  These are the beautiful Cape days before the humidity comes!

It’s also a “Golding Diamond Day” because Jesus is helping me see some things about myself (along with the help of my sisters!).

Bloom Where You’re Planted

I like it that the things I plant want to live, but then, all plants want to live. Even the rascally weeds race to take up space and sun and water to survive. Plants teach me to live every moment, to live in the present, and make me grateful for this place on earth I call home.

Bloom Where You're Planted