Ordinary Wonders

In the middle of the night, it was my turn to take a shift for a prayer vigil being held in our oratory.  Naturally I am not an early riser, but when I’m able to coerce myself awake and actually out of my bed, I very much enjoy the quiet loneliness of the early morning.  It was especially quiet and still until just after 4:00am, when I noticed the birds had begun to sing.  I didn’t hear them start. With an hour still to go before sunrise, I didn’t expect their chirping so early.  The birds gradually crescendoed their songs into the first morning light. 

I wonder how many ordinary wonders I miss passing by my eyes and ears each day?  Most of the time I’m so self aware, distracted by my mood, or preoccupied with the most efficient way to get the next task in front of me done, or some other unfortunate worry.  But I’m grateful for those wonderful moments when something unexpected jumps out of the ordinary and makes a lasting impression.