Running While Standing Still

I’m reluctant to admit it but I think the very thing I dread or complain about is the thing that may bring me the greatest sense of fulfillment…  
I was driving home today thinking “I’m tired of being in a rush….why couldn’t my life be simpler?”  And almost before the thought was over, there was a second one, “OK — well, what would you change?”  So I thought about it (as I do again every time I feel like moaning that I just can’t keep up).  I love singing in choir, I love being in band, I love theatre, and (dare I admit it) I feel a twinkle of what I think may be love growing for my new job. I love my dog, I love the people I live with, I love being with my friends…..   

Don’t get me wrong — I am anything but a big bundle of love walking around — but I guess my conclusion is, I’d rather wake up in the morning asking, “How am I going to do all the things I have to do today?” than “What am I going to do today?”