Hidden Passages

So, after living in the community for the only 18 years of my life and after going to the same church for 12 years…. ever since its beginning, I thought I knew everything there was to know, and had seen everything there was to see about our amazing building — boy, was I wrong! Our Christian Ed class had an under and upper ground tour of the church. We started out by going underground to see the control center of the huge fountain in the atrium. Next, we went up in the attic of the church and saw the giant electrics that provide heat and circulation for the entire building. After that we climbed down to an underground maze. The ceiling was about 3 ft high. Pipes and cement were everywhere, and lighting was scarce. It was super interesting to see the unfamiliar foundations of a very familiar space! Our class now knows how to turn on heat in the font so the babies are comfortable at their baptism. We also know where the hoses are kept in case of flooding and which switch to turn off if town flooding occurs. The last place we went was the organ loft. There were more electronics, as well as hundreds of organ pipes ranging from very small pipes to a pipe large enough for a small child to crawl through. It was such an adventure to experience a different side of the church, the side I had never seen. It brought things to life in a new way and it enlightened my day!