New Isn’t Always Better

Our animal barn is undergoing some much needed renovation. The barn was built in the very early days of our community, more than 30 years ago when several of the brothers were younger than I am now. The entire building has been lifted and all the exterior siding and roofing will be replaced, as well as all of the drainage, and much of the interior. Even now, with much work still to be done, one can already tell it will be a much improved home for the animals. My job was to help Br. Peter install a new dry well.  Actually it wasn’t “new”, but had to be dug up and moved over a few feet for the renovations.  The metal was in good shape, but some of the blocks had cracked. We could have tried to get a new drain, but the old one had served well for 20+ yrs, and will hold up for many more years.  Br. Peter had installed this drain originally, and a generation later, we were working along aside each other, using the original materials given to us. It is exciting to see the new and improved building going up…. but I’m glad for the parts of the history that are being left as reminders of the lives that have gone before us.