Sounds From the Barn

It’s not everyday that you have a cow rubbing her nose on the window next to you!  About three months ago I got a new job doing some chores down at the barn.  Most everything is somewhat of a new experience.  We have two cows and several chickens — I mainly look after the chickens.  The other day I was collecting the chicken eggs and quietly scrubbing them off in the sink, when suddenly I was aware of a huge eye in the window.   I stopped and she just stared, her face slowly filling the window. I took a long pause, wondering what the cow was thinking, what she might be seeing through that rather large unblinking eye.  My first thought was, I bet she could smash right through that window pretty easily!  But she didn’t smash the window, she just watched for five minutes or so and then moved on quietly.

Sounds From The Barn