See I Am Making All Things New

by Blus Brother  

For a while, as I’ve crisscrossed the paths of our community, I’ve been quite struck by how completely everything has changed over the years. Gardens, lawns, driveways, homes, retreat houses, maintenance buildings, even trails in the woods — nothing is the same as it was. Everything has undergone some sort of change over the years. Often behind that first thought, is something I heard many years ago: that Christ will eventually make everything in our lives new, if we allow him to.  Everything. That, of course, is good news.  Really fantastic news.

Uncomfortable Isn’t Always Bad

Change. I hate it, but I love it. You know how one goes through phases in their life when they feel steady, confident and stable… Well let’s just say I’m not in one of the phases. Most everything I’m doing now is new, and even the activities that are old friends have taken unfamiliar twists. I’m slowly coming to realize though, that feeling uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing. In fact I think it’s great. It keeps me living on the cutting edge and prevents me from falling into complacency or boredom. So if you, like me, feel nervous about new, unfamiliar things — seize and embrace them!   

Bloom Where You’re Planted

I love living and gardening on a seashore. One thing that is constant is change–the light, the colors, seasons, tides–always changing, but always beautiful. I’m getting older and I need to remember that change is good, to be flexible and go with the flow, not demanding the status quo.

Some plants won’t grow next to the sea, things that don’t like salt air and wind. Rosa Rugosa isn’t one of them–they are in full bloom–a brilliant red undimmed by the gray fog creeping across the flats. Light and beauty can shine even in the darkness of a day dimmed by sorrow.