Fun in the Sun

Walking home in the warmth of the mid-day sun, the chattering of various marsh birds quiets my busy mind.  Several steps farther I hear a different chatter. Unable to identify the source my curiosity is peaked.  Turning a corner, I see 3 and 4 year olds running, skipping, babbling and laughing on their way to the Brothers’ picnic area.  Not far behind, walks a Brother carrying a child’s lunch box in each hand.  One of the lunch containers is decorated in a pink design – clearly for a little girl.  I tease the brother that the box looks just right for him.  He laughs heartily as do I.  Seeing the joy-filled care the Brothers give to these youngsters, is heartwarming. “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven.”


Walking To Work – Double Praise

As I pass between the south side of the church and the marsh, the birds are singing louder than ever on this sharp, clear morning. Soon the Women’s Schola will start recording their new Gregorian Chant CD.  “Let everything that breathes, sing praises to the Lord!” Psalm150:6 (NLT)



It’s a “Golding Diamond Day”

Today is a “Golding Diamond Day”!  I haven’t thought of that phrase for years.  One of our founders, M. Cay Andersen, would use it to describe just such a day!  The air is crystal, birds are riotous with song, and every plant, tree and flower is bursting with intense color.  These are the beautiful Cape days before the humidity comes!

It’s also a “Golding Diamond Day” because Jesus is helping me see some things about myself (along with the help of my sisters!).

Late Have I Loved You, Beauty So Ancient And So New

The common is alive with birds after last night’s rain. At play among the flower boxes, never spent, do they know that we are still celebrating Easter? 

To a bird’s eye up close a single flower must be an overwhelming expanse
of light and color . . . does a bird feel joy . . . how could they not?