After 13 Years of School

I am sitting right now next to my best friends in my last home-school study hall ever, madly finishing my math project, and scribbling away at an English paper. But then I sit back and think, life is bigger than this one English paper, so I quickly turned to Google to find an inspirational quote about graduation. I thought this one from Aristotle was a good fit. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” 

School has been hard, it has required dedication, and hard-spent time. There’s been those awful times when you get a paper back with a bad grade and the teacher asks you what happened, or that guilty feeling that you’ve rushed through a math test. But then, there’s that great sensation when you see that 95 and you know you’ve done your very best, or when you study so hard you think your brain will fall out but the work pays off.  I can’t wait to get that diploma and realize I’ve done it. That’s the sweet fruit. In the end I’m grateful for school. It has prepared us for the future — it’s taught us life lessons, it’s given us a feeling that when you work hard, you can achieve great things. So even though school can be hard, the tassel’s worth the hassle.