The Sea Around Us

I cannot quite pinpoint what is happening. Having been one of the first to receive Eucharist this morning, I move to the back of the gathering near the ambo.  While singing the communion responses, I watch others walking east toward the sanctuary steps to partake. And from behind the altar, there are people processing west toward the altar to receive the bread of life and the cup of salvation.  What strikes me is the simplicity of this Eucharistic ‘journey’. It is beautiful.  I am mesmerized.  What I see calms me. There is give and take; there is back and forth; there is bowed head and lifted hands. The sight reminds me of something. What, what, what?  The ocean………

It never ceases to amaze me….

We bring him simple elements of bread and wine, gifts of the earth and the work of our hands.

We offer him these gifts, but when they come back to us from the altar – when they are placed in our hands and on our lips – they are no longer the same bread and wine.

Now, he offers us his body and his blood so that we can be one with him and one with his Father.

He asks us to love his creation and all his people the way he does.

And because his Spirit now lives within us, we can.