Ordinary Wonders II

by Melodius Monk      
Recently I was cleaning the filters on the church air system. It was a very busy day, and I was trying to get them rinsed quickly in between a few other time-sensitive afternoon jobs, and feeling rather stressed in general.  I needed to give the filters a few minutes to dry, I had to teach a music lesson at 4:00, and was running out of time.  I raced out a garden hose and started spraying the filters in the grass out of the path way so as not to leave a mess for foot traffic.  Standing there spraying I noticed intriguing blossoms on the tree in front of me. I walk by this several times a day but have never taken the time to stop and really look.  There’s so much variety and variation on the branches and leaves, not to mention the bees carefully hovering, and the birds swooping in and out gracefully.  If I can keep my eyes open, I wonder what other marvels might catch me by surprise today?