Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

I sometimes refer to our Community Schola rehearsals because these rehearsals teach me many things. Last evening, those of us teaching realized that we had a great deal to prepare for All Saints, a new chant hymn for a special service as well as next week’s pieces for mass. We diligently trooped through each work, checking spots, getting the overall flow, throwing in ideas and asking questions as we went along. And then — Surprise! 
They did it. Everyone threw themselves into the process and walked out of that rehearsal able to confidently join the Scholas for the upcoming liturgies. A year ago, the result would have been OK. Two years ago — this rehearsal would have been unthinkable! 
Mary Berry used to refer to the process of learning chant as “getting honey from the rock” — it takes time, patience, and great effort but in the end, how sweet!  I would love to know your experiences like this because I believe that as we share these points in our growth, we are greatly encouraged to continue!


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