Sing to the Lord a New Song – Praying the Psalms for Lent

“O Sing to the Lord a new song.” — Psalm 96:1

Excerpted from According to Your Mercy by Martin Shannon, CJ

Psalm 96 is among those relatively few psalms that contain only one theme. There is no prayer for deliverance from enemies; no lament for ones’ sickness or suffering; no cry for help in the midst of trial; no rehearsal of Israel’s history; no proverbial teaching about following in the way of the Lord. A single chord is insistently struck again and again. And though the word hallelujah never appears in the psalm, we hear its sound in virtually every verse–praise!

The biblical record tells us the Levites sang Psalm 96 in celebration as David brought the ark to Jerusalem. It is difficult for us to imagine the impassioned joy that would have accompanied this event. Its return signified God’s own return, and its placement within the city of Jerusalem signified God’s own enthronement as king over not only Israel but the whole world. “Say among the nations,” cries the psalmist, “The Lord reigns.”

From the Church Fathers:

When the whole earth sings a new song, it is the house of God. It is built by singing, its foundations are believing, it is erected by hoping, it is completed by loving.
St. Augustine (adapted)

Sometime today, Lord, I must praise you.
For the new creation that I now live in actually lives in me.
So, sometime today, Lord, I will praise you.


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