Prepare a room in your heart for a “meal” of Easter joy

I am thinking about Easter coming so soon, and want to make “the most” of Holy Week.

Oddly enough, a sentence of an Advent hymn, “let every heart prepare Him room” keeps running through my head. I realized that it is quite appropriate to prepare my heart for the miracle of Easter joy.

As I pondered how to “prepare Him room” in my heart, I realized that my heart is crowded — with busyness, bitterness, unforgiveness, and selfishness. If I take the time to enlarge my heart and make it ready, I will be ready to accept the full Easter joy.

Last Sunday, when The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ was read from Mark 14, I was struck at the words, “He will show you a large room upstairs that is already set up, furnished, fixed, and ready. That is where you should prepare our meal.

The “large room” is now our heart. We need to have it “already set up, furnished, fixed and ready” so that He can prepare His meal of Communion in us — the full joy of Easter.


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