Praying the Psalms through Lent

During Lent, we’ll be sharing excerpts from According to Your Mercy, a journey through Lent and Easter with the psalms. On Ash Wednesday, Fr. Martin Shannon, CJ, author of According to Your Mercy shared about his own journey with the psalms in a short video. Many have called the psalms a ‘school of prayer’ and indeed St. Augustine in his Confessions wrote that the psalms could be a stepping stone to a deeper conversation with God. These ancient words from Scripture mirror our own thoughts and emotions—celebration and praise, suffering and lament, gratitude and asking for help—as relevant today as when they were first sung in the Temple.

Fr. Martin Shannon, CJ brings deep teaching as well as the personal encounter of someone who has chanted and studied the Psalms for years. Each reflection is on one psalm, offering a meditation on its meaning and how it connects to our lives, followed by a word from one of the ancient church fathers and a prayer.

For the Wednesday of Lent I
For his steadfast love endures for ever. Psalm 136:1

From the Desert Fathers
This psalm contains the praise of God, and all its verses finish in the same way. Although many things are related here in praise of God, his mercy is the most commended.
St. Augustine

Click to hear from Fr. Martin about his journey with the psalms



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