Praying the Psalms for Lent – Tuesday of Lent II

Say to my soul, ” I am your deliverance!” – Psalm 35:3

Excerpted from According to Your Mercy by Martin Shannon, CJ

As a prayer by Christ, Psalm 35 portrays Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, trial and condemnation to death. When we hear the voice of Christ in this psalm, we come alongside him in his suffering. As a prayer to Christ, this psalm gathers or own experiences of fear and pain, and brings them honestly before God. These words remind us that God is our salvation (Psalm 35:3), that he delights in our well-being, and that praise for his deliverance will always have the last word.

From the Church Fathers:

I will seek no salvation other than the Lord my God. Even in your temporal problems, it is God who helps you through human agency, for he is your salvation. All things are subject to him, and he undoubtedly supports our temporal life, differently in the case of each person. Let us all call on him, brothers and sisters — to open our spiritual ears so that we may hear him saying, “I am your salvation.” — St. Augustine (adapted)

Lord Jesus, you honor me
when you let me use your prayers.
But already you have honored me
when you let me live your life.
Blessings, troubles, peace, suffering, joy, sorrow
-death and resurrection-
My life is hid with Christ.
May my prayers be also



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