Plain and Simple

Working in Bethany guest house is a creative opportunity. Not creative in the usual sense – it isn’t musical, oils on canvas, or a sonnet written or spoken. It is, however, a compilation of mundane beauty that can touch a heart or bring a smile. We recently housed a small retreat where a summer lunch was served. The chef and I chose a clear cut glass plate with matching bowl for the veggie stacked sandwich and cold asparagus soup she was serving. I liked it, but wasn’t totally satisfied. Ah ha! Tucked away in a drawer were some whimsical glass fish napkin rings. I cleaned them up and found nicely ironed white linen napkins. My shift ended before lunch was served, but I’m told those on retreat noticed the cheerful setting as they enjoyed the delicious food. Simple things can make a difference.

One thought on “Plain and Simple

  1. I certainly loved the care and love expresed in the daily settings and servings when I was there last year. Bless you all,

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