On The Road

We were on the way
our minds still reeling from the events
of the past week.
Everything happened so fast
We had thought he was the promised one.
Never in our minds was it supposed to end like it did.
Then came the stranger,
apparently unaware of all that happened in the city.
We shared our burden and he in turn 
related the events to the scriptures.
Our hearts burned within us as he spoke.
When the time came to part ways in the late afternoon
we asked him to join us at the evening meal.
And there it happened, as we broke the bread, our eyes
were opened. We saw that it was Jesus who had been with us
on the way.
The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Familiar and poignant.
How could they have not recognized Jesus sooner? 
There seem to be times when I have been so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I lose sight of the larger picture. Sometimes a little distraction breaks the ice in my heart, and a ray of light gets into my room. A pretty bird lands on the limb outside the window; or the dog comes up to me and licks my hand. I become aware that I am not alone. In some subtle way Jesus has entered the room, and I recognize that He is near. Herein lies the joy of Easter. He has risen, and entered the everyday paths of my life.
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About Blue Heron

My wife and I became members of the Community in 1975. We had come to the Community prior to that time on various retreats from our church in Connecticut. I landed an elementary teaching career in 1976 and taught in that same school until 1999. We raised two sons (now married) who are both now professed members of the Community. We have three grandchildren and three granddogs. I continue to work in the public school teaching science on a part time basis, and also serve as advisor and part time teacher for a group of parents who homeschool in the Community. My wife works as a dental assistant. Life in the Community has expanded my borders far beyond what I would have imagined. Over the years I have sung with the choir, participated in Gregorian Chant, served as chalice bearer, made stained glass, been part of a writing group, built sets for Gilbert and Sullivan productions and sung in them. The list goes on. I cannot think of a better environment to raise a child. And I cannot think of any place that would have challenged more, and kept me moving forward as a Christian father and husband. I have been over my head and lifted above the waters. I am looking back in gratitude, and forward in hope.

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