O Happy Fault

By Renaissance Girl

It snowed two nights ago. An overnight onslaught of wet flakes and high wind that gave way Sunday morning to a sparkling world of white. The sun was shining and the trees had that thin layer of ice on every branch that caught the light like a prism. Breathtaking beauty.

“O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam”

It popped into my head out of the blue yesterday — or perhaps not so out of the blue considering I had read about Adam and Eve in the morning. But I love this line from the Exultet — the hymn of praise chanted at the Easter Vigil. It turns my whole view of sin on it’s head. “O necessary sin of Adam, that earned for us so great a redeemer.” Earned for us. Not the image of a child who gets a group in trouble and has to deal with their taunts.
As I looked over some pictures I took from the day, the two things converged. The “happy fault” is like the ice on our branches. It clings to us and we to it, like a second skin. And then the “great redeemer” comes like sunlight — piercing through the hardened layer and shooting light in a million directions — until it melts away.
2014-02-16 09.16.14
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