Moxie Musings

What’s in a name?  When we got our dog Moxie at age 7 months, I decided ahead of time not to change her kennel name – whatever it might be.  I was delighted with her given name – Moxie!  She has all the “moxie” of my Jewish relatives.  God picked the perfect name for her and the perfect dog for us! What’s in your name?  Mine means foreigner…….not bad considering we are all strangers in a foreign land until we find our home in Jesus!


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About Sunset Septuagint

Our family moved to the Community in 1971, when there were only 25 members. Now at 73 years old, I have been blessed `seeing the Community grow to more than ten times its size, and my oldest of four granddaughters about to graduate from Rock Harbor Academy. One of my greatest joys is being a Docent for the Church and sharing the blessing that visitors experience here. I am also privileged in helping to arrange tours for several of the Gloriae Dei Artes performing groups. I love to garden and paint, and occasionally I am privileged to sing with the Choir for its larger works.

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