By Sister Spero

Some of the sisters in my Convent are members of a choir. I’ve noticed that they hear things that I don’t—the singing of a bird in the distance, the vibrations of a jackhammer, someone clearing his throat. It’s not that I am hard of hearing; it’s that my ear is not trained to listen in the same way. One choir member told me, “We have to listen acutely to the other singers so we can blend.” Listening is part of the spiritual life, too. It takes practice to listen interiorly for God’s direction. This explains to me why some people seem to hear so clearly. They have trained their inner ear through habitual prayer. I find this encouraging. No one (including me) can really say, “I can’t hear God,” and stop there. But we can say, “I haven’t listened hard enough, and I’m going to keep listening until my ear is trained.”

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