Light’s Pull

Our copier has had a recent string of break downs. Nearly every week over the past few months, the machine prints about ½ of the weekend’s bulletins before lines once again start streaking the pages. We call the repairman, and he returns. This past week, as Dan fixed the machine, I was given a layman’s explanation about it works:

 Some time ago, an inventor noticed that as his curtains where being drawn open and the room filling with sunlight, the dust in the room started heading towards the light. On the copy machine, the light which scans the page creates a charge which attracts the toner to the drum in all the places where light is absent. The light is instantly attracted to all the “black” or negative spaces, and in essence, the areas on the page to be copied that are without light, tell the machine where to print the ink.

 Light attracting things, like dust or ink in our physical world, is true in our spiritual lives as well. Jesus’ light is always charged toward our negative spaces. If I were to run myself through the copy machine, undoubtedly there would be a lot of toner rushing to fill the places in my life with a shortfall of light! Light is always searching out our darkness so we can be healed. I find it extremely hopeful to learn yet another example of how the created laws of nature are so in tune with the nature of God. His foundational love for us is always streaming forth, especially and dare I say even more abundantly, even most emphatically, towards our darkest places most in need of healing.

Sunset overlooking Cape Cod Bay at the Community of Jesus on Cape Cod

Sunset overlooking Cape Cod Bay


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