Light Overcame Darkness


During this time of Lent, this time where the Equinox has just occurred, this extraordinary time where the whole world has been experiencing the Coronavirus, I am listening to hear what the Lord has to teach me.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Covid-19 struck during Lent, or Equinox, the time of “equal light and equal dark.” I’m finding that when I give in to my fears, the worst part of me comes out, and I need to confess it to the Lord and let His Light cleanse me. I must choose to believe that He is in control.

I find it interesting that the Coronavirus is so named because under the electron microscope, each virion is surrounded by a “corona” or a crown-like shape.  Jesus is the only true King, who deserves the Crown, and has promised us, “be not afraid of what you are about to suffer…Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the Crown of life.”  Where are there places in my life where Jesus is not King; what are the things I have put on the throne instead, that I am finding out now with this world crisis? (All those places where I don’t trust His love over my will and opinions of the way I think life should be.)

Remembering that He is King and that during Passion Week, we are celebrating His battle over fear and darkness is such a gift. It helps us find His strength and gladness during these times of trial.

Lead on, O King Eternal
The day of march has come;
Henceforth in fields of conquest
Thy tents shall be our home.
Through days of preparation
Thy grace has made us strong;
And now, O King Eternal,
We lift our battle song.

Lead on, O King Eternal,
Til sin’s fierce war shall cease,
And holiness shall whisper
The sweet amen of peace.
For not with swords/ loud clashing,
Nor roll of stirring drums;
With deeds of love and mercy
The heav’nly kingdom comes.

Lead on, O King Eternal,
We follow, not with fears,
For gladness breaks like morning
Where’er Thy face appears.
Thy cross is lifted o’er us,
We journey in its light;
The Crown awaits the conquest;
Lead on, O God of might.

Author: Ernest W. Shurtleff



Image by Alex Hu from Pixabay

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