Life and Death on a Thursday morning

by Renaissance Girl  

I took my dog for a walk the other morning.  It was the perfect morning – that type of day where the sun is shining and everything is clear and vibrant and there’s just enough breeze to keep the humidity at bay.  I was lost for a moment in the beauty of it and the unrealistic thought that maybe I could just keep walking all day and not do anything else.  Something on the road caught my eye and I came back from my land of make-believe and looked down.  It was a baby bird – so young that it didn’t have feathers yet, and very dead.   It was a jarring and discomforting sight and I felt bothered by it and by the cruelty of death in nature – some poor mother bird was watching helplessly as her baby tried to fly and failed – and knew it would never come back.

It got me thinking about the closeness between life and death – especially this time of year – we watch as plants spring up, veggies in our gardens, flowers that find their way to our dining room tables – we keep tabs on the bird couples building their nests outside windows, and smile involuntarily at the first sight of little bald heads peeking over the rim of twigs – we ooh and ahh over baby foxes frolicking and moan over weeds that seem to appear over night – and then, just like that, we see baby birds on the road, a neighbor’s cat disappears after sounds of barking coyotes – some make it, some don’t – and we try to shrug it off as “survival of the fittest” – just life.  But in a strange way – it IS really “just life”.  Our introduction to the Christian life and one of the first acts on our behalf is Baptism.  A baby – fresh and new and expectant – still soft-skinned and squirming – we die – dipped into the waters of Baptism and rescued out the other side by Jesus.  It’s jarring and discomforting.  And life is full of these deaths and re-births.  Sometimes spread out and sometimes all together in a moment.  And why shouldn’t it be – since the creator of the world died so we could have life.  In an instant – life and death in an incredible collision – like a perfect summer morning.


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I moved to the Community with my family in 1988 when I was 10 - which gives away my current age! I am now a solemnly professed member - I work at Paraclete Press, the publishing arm of the Community and I love my job! I also sing in the choir Gloriæ Dei Cantores, and am a member of Elements Theatre Company and Spirit of America Band. As a Docent for the Church of the Transfiguration, I get to discover new things about the church every time I share it with someone else. When I'm not doing one of those activities, I love to spend time with my dog or my "extended family". There's a lot of variety in my life which keeps me energized - and I'm learning how to be more in the moment so whether I'm at a rehearsal, or making dinner in the kitchen with 5 girls, they all get 100% of me!

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