Late Have I Loved You

by Artist Eye

“The Monastery is a school—a school in which we learn from God how to be happy. Our happiness consists in sharing the happiness of God, the perfection of His unlimited freedom, the perfection of His love. 

What has to be healed in us is our true nature, made in the likeness of God. What we have to learn is Love.”     Thomas Merton
I came across this quote after a day full of failures. Failure to be generous, failure to be hospitable, failure to be transparent… You don’t get to chose who is going to come across your path on any given day. What my true nature was really in the mood for was a little solitude and that wasn’t on the docket. How gracious it is of God that enrollment in this school is for the rest of our lives, since I, for one, am kind of a slow learner.
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