Late Have I Loved You

There is a story that after Jesus’ Resurrection there was a young angel up in heaven who was distressed that Jesus tarried so long on the earth.


The fledgling could not understand why his Victorious King should want to spend another minute with the race of men who had so disquieted Him. “Why,” he asked. “Does the Glorious Conquer not immediately return to Heaven where we all so anxiously await Him, poised to fete Our Lord with trumpet and song?” It is said that God the Father took care that the youngster be instructed and sent the Holy Spirit to explain how lovely God’s creation was, how God Himself had imbued it with His Own Stamp, and how His Son, like Himself held it most dear. 

But still the youth wondered. He protested that there was not one of those men who had not tarnished what had been given him, not one who, even having had his transgressions so lavishly paid for, would not, in time, sin again, and not one, even among His so-called friends, who had truly known who He was. “Why should the Giver of All Life continue to waste His time on those half-wits?” inquired the inexperienced youth. Time, explained the Spirit patiently, was the Father’s own gift. “Together,” said the Holy Comforter, “We employ Time to draw to Ourselves, however slowly, however fitfully, each soul who is searching to find again the Blessed Brightness, each soul who, it turns out, will always need Us, and each soul who knows that they have known a Love they have forgotten, and long to find again. And, with Time,” the Comforter concluded. “You may find that Wisdom Herself may come to the slow-witted and even to the young.”


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