Late Have I Loved You

by Artist Eye  

Sometimes I return to a word or a verse of scripture like a small bird at a winter feeder. Peck, peck, peck, split the seed from its shell.

In last Sunday’s Gospel about the Wedding at Cana, I heard the part about transformation: The Lord of the Universe responds to human need with Transformation; Ordinary water becomes extraordinary wine; and I say, “Yes, this is a message for me personally. This is what God is about. Ordinary me can be transformed — “do whatever He tells you.” Ordinary and utterly lacking me. (There wasn’t any wine, there wasn’t even any water. Those jars were empty.)

But there’s more. Peck, peck, peck. I flit back and there’s something else: “You saved the best to last…” This Goodness that I’m depending on, this One Whose Hand Keeps Refilling the Feeder, this Best One is waiting for me, waiting to receive my last flight.

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