Late Have I Loved You

by Artist Eye 

I read a book recently whose author had written Acknowledgements which went on for several pages. I read every word of this seeming excess. Not only were the author’s friends and colleagues, whom I had never heard of, enumerated there but the author also included a whole host of philosophers, theologians, artists, and saints with whom I am familiar. These mentors and models constitute an incredibly rich spiritual heritage; a heritage I share. These are people in whose company I feel both very small and very tall.

I imagine this crowd, both the living and the dead, spread out like a vast army of souls journeying to be with God. I see each one carrying a light as they travel the highways and the by ways, the high roads, the low roads, the detours, the switchbacks, the wrong ways and even the dead ends. Some of this company bare great lights and others carry only small ones. As I stare after them I realize that there is nothing else I want to do but grab my little flash light and run after them all because I can not bear the thought of being left behind.

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