Late Have I Loved You

 by Artist Eye  

Last week we suddenly acquired new “neighbors.” Once again our world has shrunk and we are concerned for individuals we will never meet. Clearing what’s left of the storm debris, we know there are places not far from here where there is nothing left but debris

When a lawyer asked Jesus “who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan and concluded by asking which of the three men confronted with another person’s need acted as a “neighbor.” Here “neighbor” is not defined as proximity or close association; “neighbor” is defined by how I myself behave. It’s not “Who is my neighbor?” but “how do I care?” that is the challenge; that’s the heavy lifting. I may write a check for disaster relief or spend another hour on my knees, but more importantly, I am obliged to care within my call.

I work for Paraclete Press. We commit ourselves to sending out hope and beauty as best we can. It’s our mission— whether it’s books, or music, or video, or performing arts — we strive for excellence, not settling for just “OK.” We try to think of our work as a love letter to God. This is high flown talk, but how else do we learn the trade of neighboring unless we aim to see heaven bend down to mercy every needy one? 


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Our family moved to the Community in 1990. While raising our two children here I've worked at Paraclete Press and have been involved with Fine Arts over the years. I love to paint, tell stories, and build puppets--a thirty foot whale and her baby for the Spirit of America Band Field Show was one of the funnest projects I've ever done!

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