Late Have I Loved You

by Artist Eye  

I count the summer properly begun when I see my first American Copper. Here is exuberant beauty on a tiny scale, but beauty none the less. Cleaning up after Monday’s storm I saw a last lingering Copper venture forth bravely as the warmth of the day sufficed to wake it from quiescence. I am reminded that all season long this fragile creature has folded itself into the covert of a leafy bush to pass the night or a stormy day. Monday was no exception. I sure wasn’t thinking about butterflies as the wind flung water. If I had been I would have assumed that this one was a goner. This burnished brightness survived the terrors of nature’s severity, and emerged triumphant, a condensed concentrate from summer fields. Of course, those gossamer wings don’t really carry the weight of ‘exuberance,’ ‘bravery,’ or ‘triumph,’  but that is what I pray for anyone else emerging today to reclaim and rebuild. Now it’s this little one’s caterpillar that will have to survive the winter tucked away in the quiet earth until another sun shall wake it.

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Our family moved to the Community in 1990. While raising our two children here I've worked at Paraclete Press and have been involved with Fine Arts over the years. I love to paint, tell stories, and build puppets--a thirty foot whale and her baby for the Spirit of America Band Field Show was one of the funnest projects I've ever done!

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