Late Have I Loved You

The other day I was out in my car running errands with a young friend of mine. We were indulging ourselves in a rousing singalong with a recording of some of Mr. Handel’s choruses. My small friend suddenly stopped singing and said, “Wait, I don’t get what’s so funny.” “Funny?” I asked puzzled. “Why are they singing Ho! Ho! Ho! is it like Santa?”

Rather than attempting any discussion of musical style, I said that I guessed maybe it was like Santa Claus because it was, after all, about sharing a whole lot of Great Big Joy. This of course opened the door to some very serious belly laughing. My apologies to the composer and all of his friends, but I can’t help thinking that laughter that comes straight from the belly especially the belly of a child, is a Great Big Joy to God’s heart.

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