Keeping Godly Perspective

By Sr. Nun Other

I frequently tell people how busy I am, how stressed, how overwhelmed with important tasks. And I’m not the only one. Our younger sisters often say, “I was given a huge project today — HUGE!” When questioned, this can range from painting a bathroom to making several dozen cookies. And then, I happened upon Psalm 65. Let’s look at a day in the life of the God we love:

Psalm 65 Paraphrased                              Perspective Statistics (Googled)

He hears our prayers,                                   World population  7.125 Billion
And forgives our sins

He stills the roaring of the seas,                  Earth in square miles 57,491,000
The turmoil of the nations.

He cares for the land and waters it;            One year’s water consumption
He enriches it abundantly.                           3,622,439 liters

God fills our streams with water,                 Food consumption 11 million pounds
And provides grain for the people.              per minute per day

I receive a quick lesson in humility, now overwhelmed by my insignificance. And then I realize, all of the above is for me. And you. One additional verse from Psalm 65:  Where morning dawns and evening fades, He calls forth songs of joy. And gratitude.

The Community of Jesus


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About Sr. Nun Other

May 16, 2012, completed my 30th year as a Sister. It was both a milestone and just another day in an interesting journey. Some of those thirty years included singing with Gloriae Dei Cantores, marching in Spirit of America band, and serving on our Sisters Council. As a monastic, I live surrounded by beauty and within a frame work of opportunity and possibility. I'm sixty-four (much to my surprise) and extremely grateful for my life as a sister - past, present, and future.

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