In Beauty and Truth

by Sr Nunother

God is love. It’s just that simple. Sometimes I question: if you are love, how could you, why didn’t you, where were you?  He could very well ask those questions of me. Grounded in truth and reality, God’s love is all consuming.  He asks that I understand and live the truth, not for his sake but for my own. My reality is misshapen and designed to accommodate a particular set of unhealthy patterns. God’s reality is filled with possibility and reclamation. 

God is love in spring time renewal, breath-catching beauty that captures my attention for a liberating moment.  As a bearer of truth, Beauty enhances and reshapes thought, and in its stillness draws us from the all-consuming pace of ordinary life.

God is love in beauty and in truth. With exemplary care and artistry, He mends our broken lives and reclaims us as his own.


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About Sr. Nun Other

May 16, 2012, completed my 30th year as a Sister. It was both a milestone and just another day in an interesting journey. Some of those thirty years included singing with Gloriae Dei Cantores, marching in Spirit of America band, and serving on our Sisters Council. As a monastic, I live surrounded by beauty and within a frame work of opportunity and possibility. I'm sixty-four (much to my surprise) and extremely grateful for my life as a sister - past, present, and future.

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