“I Am Free”

by Sister Victoria

Yesterday was All Saints but also the first Tuesday of the month, which is when the Emmanuel sisters gather regularly for an evening of prayer and praise in their chapel. Often families in the surrounding area attend with their young children.

We began with a meditation and discussion on a passage of scripture, followed by a time of intercessory prayer, voicing our individual concerns, and then a good hour or so of PRAISE!

At this point, the young kids are alert (they had been dozing)…this is what they came for!
We all began to dance to the drums and move about the sanctuary, some with such energy they were almost winded! There is never a trace of self-consciousness.
One of the last songs we sang is, “I am free, my debt is settled.” Yes, we are!

From Sr. Victoria and the Emmanuel Sisters; a service of prayer and praise in Cameroon

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