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Upon our return from Cameroon,  I can’t help but reflect on what has transpired in my life over the past 20 months that I spent there.  At the airport, a pastor friend asked me what would be my “take away” from my time in Cameroon.
How is it possible to sum it up in one sentence or two?
I had the privilege to work with not one, but two religious communities on their daily worship services. One Community, the Benedictine Sisters of Bethany, now has a new formation house that can take young girls desiring to serve God in the religious life. The other Community, the Emmanuel Sisterhood, is already well established. They asked for my help, something they said they have been longing for.
In both cases, it was a joy for me to see the fruit already taking shape. For the young ones, they are starting out with daily offices of prayer and singing the Psalms that they have grasped onto amazingly well. As for the older community, they told me they have been inspired to improve their singing in their daily worship, now that they have had some instruction.
When I first went to Cameroon I had no inkling that this would be the work for me to do and as it began to develop, I was, and am so grateful to God that this is the course He took me through.  — Sr. Victoria MacNeil

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