Daily Bread

From Today's Office
The poor will see and be glad—you who seek God, may your hearts live! The LORD hears the needy and does not despise his captive people.
Psalm 69:32–33
The most amazing reality in the story of God is that it is all about vulnerability. God didn’t enter the world as an all-powerful warrior who would take control of the world. God chose to enter the world as a vulnerable little baby. — Vulnerable and Free, Fr. Paul Farren, Paraclete Press
Prayer of the Day for Eucharist

Dear Lord, help me to follow in the footsteps of your faithful servant, Hilda, who, though nobly born, left all to pursue a holy calling. In giving up family, marriage, and motherhood, she found you as her true spouse, and became a spiritual mother to countless sons and daughters.  Remind me today that there is nothing I can “give up” that you will not return to me one-hundred-fold.  Amen.

Cloister Reading